Ella tiene una interesante pregunta para uno de los astrofísicos más reconocidos del mundo

¿Qué posibilidades tiene alguien con dislexia en el campo de la ciencia?

Esta pequeña niña se puso de pie en medio de la multitud para hacer una pregunta que podría representar a muchos. Ella quería saber qué posibilidades tiene alguien con dislexia en el campo de la ciencia. La respuesta que dio Neil deGrasse Tyson, uno de los astrofísicos más reconocidos del mundo, no sólo calmó su inseguridad, sino que le dio grandes esperanzas. Le hizo notar que muchos de sus colegas son personas con dislexia, autismo, déficit atencional u otras condiciones especiales:

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Esta mujer se vistió como hombre durante 40 años, solo para sostener a su familia

Fue premiada como “la madre ideal”.

Sisa Abu daooh fue galardoneada en su país por haberse vestido con ropa masculina para sacar adelante a su familia. ¿Por qué? Su marido murió cuando ella estaba embarazada y durante una época en que las opciones de trabajo para las mujeres eran prácticamente nulas. Se vio obligada a a fabricar ladrillos y lustrar zapatos, pero alterando su apariencia para no ser acosada:

¿Es aceptable que una mujer haya tenido que tomar esta opción para poder encontrar un trabajo y alimentar a su familia? La historia de esta mujer egipcia saca a relucir uno de los grandes temas pendientes de la humanidad: la igualdad de oportunidades entre hombres y mujeres. Y es que, en algunos sectores del mundo, y en pleno siglo XXI, este sigue siendo todo un desafío.

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Él decidió construirle un hogar a una mujer de su vecindario y aunque parezca muy estrecho, lo significa todo

¿Harías esto por alguien a quien no conoces?

Este hombre se dio cuenta de que una mujer de 60 años vivía en la calle, en su propio vecindario. Decidió hacer algo por ella: construirle una casa. Y aunque esta te parezca demasiado pequeña o demasiado estrecha, para ella lo significa todo: resguardo y protección. Acciones como estas nos enseñan que nunca es tarde para hacer algo por el resto:

El chico se ha puesto en contacto con oficiales de policía para regularizar la situación de la mujer, puesto que, aunque la construcción de esta pequeña casa es todo un avance, no puede vivir estacionada en la calle. Su gesto revela inmensa preocupación y consideración por los más necesitados. Definitivamente, necesitamos más gente como él. 

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Ellos creían haber enseñado a sus hijos a no hablar con extraños, hasta que él se acercó

Esto podría sucederle a tu hijo.

Él aparenta ser un tipo normal que pasea a su perro en un parque, pero también podría ser un secuestrador de niños con las peores intenciones. Este experimento social demostró a las madres lo fácil que puede ser engañar a sus hijos pequeños con tan solo una sonrisa y un cachorro adorable:

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Chile presenció olas de más de 8 metros en el campeonato de surf más esperado del Cono Sur

El Quicksilver Ceremonial en Punta de Lobos no dejó a nadie decepcionado…

El torneo de surf más esperado de Sudamérica vino acompañado de unas condiciones espectaculares que no se veían desde el año 2008. Una tormenta oceánica en el Pacífico Sur provocó que se formasen olas de más de 8 metros. Y nadie quedó decepcionado.

Este campeonato supone la primera fecha de la World Surf League, importante organización mundial que recorre el planeta en busca de las mejores olas gigantes. Y en Chile encontró el lugar perfecto. Aquí te dejamos algunas de las impresionantes olas que se vieron el pasado fin de semana:









¿Y tú? ¿Te animarías?

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Purge-a-Thon: How to Get on Closet Organization for Spring


Winter has finally come and gone (and let us all say, AMEN) and the freedom of summer is so close we can almost feel the fresh air and humidity. Spring is here and as the weather improves—and so does your mood—there is no better time to pack up the old and make room for the new…clothes. And that starts with good old fashioned closet organization. Layers of wool are out and lightweight frocks are in, but before you can rock your new spring clothes, you need to find somewhere to put them. It’s time to flip your closet, and you better do it now, before summer strikes and you start to overheat and develop a love-hate relationship with your tank tops and shorts.

We all know how exciting it is to dive into spring cleaning—-simply moving your clothes around can make it feel like you have an entire new wardrobe in a matter of minutes. And there is no denying that it is important for the sake of your home and your mental well being to regularly tidy up your belongings. Experts agree that a cluttered home can lead to stress, can distract you, prevent you from being productive and can induce feelings of guilt, embarrassment and frustration. As Psychology Today reports, according to psychologist Sherrie Bourg Carter, Psy.D., “clutter can play a significant role in how we feel about our homes, our workplaces, and ourselves. Messy homes and work spaces leave us feeling anxious, helpless, and overwhelmed.”

So the question isn’t whether or not you should do some spring-cleaning, the question is how do you go about it. Before you closet organization it’s important you do a little planning. Think of it as a spring-cleaning strategy session. Start by contemplating what you wore this past season. That old sweater that was too expensive but you bought it anyway? Did you actually wear it, or just admire it from afar? If you didn’t wear an item of clothing at least once in the last year, get rid of it. Don’t hold on to items just because you think they serve a purpose in your wardrobe. If you aren’t using them, give them away to someone who might. And if an item has sentimental value, set it aside so that it doesn’t get lost in the mess of your everyday clothes.

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Next, as you go through your winter clothes, think about which items are transitional and which are strictly for freezing temps. Versatile sweaters and shawls might work well for spring and can serve as layering items as the season changes. So while you might be antsy to completely hide your knits, tights, jackets and wool tops, don’t purge everything without thinking it through.

When in doubt, try the “reverse clothes-hanger trick” courtesy of organizational expert Peter Walsh. He explains that you should hang all of your clothing so that the back of the item is facing you when you open your closet. When you wear something, return it facing the correct way. At the end of a 6-month period, anything still facing backwards (and therefore not worn) should be retired to a better home.


Another way to really win at closet organization for the new season is to not just change what items you keep, but change up how to store them. This may be the OCD talking, but organizing your clothes by color can really change your getting-dressed routine and make your day easier. You will find clothes faster (no more wasting 20 minutes searching for that green silk top that’s shoved in the back of your closet) and have an easier time figuring out what you want to wear in the first place. Plus, it looks really pretty.

Want a simple way to transform your closet as you decide what to store/purge/keep? Three words: get new hangers. If you’re like us then your closet is a dumping ground for old hangers from your college dorm (yes they are VERY old), from the dry cleaners and from department stores. Some are wooden, some plastic, some falling apart, some way bulkier than others and all of them are making your closet look like a mess. Invest in a uniform hanger set so that your clothes will all measure up nicely and you will have an easier time not only organizing your closet now, but also every single time you put a pair of pants away. These small steps take a little effort today, but they pay off big-time throughout the year, and we promise, you’ll be thanking us every morning when you’re getting dressed for your day.

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Apricot Fruit: 10 Recipes with Apricots to Sweeten Up Your Life


A bright orange apricot is one of the first signs of summer and these delicious fruits with the velvety skin and flesh are in season in the U.S. from May through August. According to Whole Foods, fresh apricot fruit are a great source of vitamin C, beta-carotene, fiber, and potent antioxidants. And whether you prefer your apricots served fresh or dried, or are like the editors at Martha Stewart.com who can’t decide which apricot region they prefer, “we love the tangy-sweet flavor of California apricots, but Turkish apricots are delicious, too,” there is no going wrong either way.

Some describe the flavor of apricots as a faint tartness that lies somewhere between a peach and a plum, while others describe this rock fruit as downright sweet. We happen to love them because they go with just about anything. The generally sweet flavor of a ripe or dried apricot goes perfectly with any meal, from your bowl of oatmeal or plate of pancakes in the morning to more exotic meat and vegetable dishes from Northern Africa or the Middle East in the evening. Here are ten ways to get creative with apricot fruit that will be sure to sweeten up your life.

1. Broiled Apricots with Fresh Ricotta and Pistachios
Want an easy and unique dessert idea that’s pretty on the eyes? First dip your apricots in sugar and place them into the broiler until the apricots are caramelized and juicy. Then, in less than five minutes, remove the apricots and top with ricotta and pistachios. Add mint leaves for extra pop.

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2. Chicken Apricot Panini
This Panini will make you a very popular gal due to its secret apricot preserves mayonnaise that will leave your lunch companions drooling for more. Just cut that chicken breast into strips, add the provolone cheese, red onion, sage and pop it into your panini maker or on that hot grill. Pan-tastic!

3. Apricot Pie
My oh my, nothing screams “home-cooked” like apricot pie. All you’ll need is 2lbs of fresh apricots, flour for the pie crust, sugar, butter and nutmeg for a dash or pungent sweetness. The key is pulling the apricots with their skins apart into halves, discarding the pits. Serve with your favorite tea.


4. Apricot Glazed Ham
This recipe may fall under the easy category, but that isn’t the only reason why we like it. For ham lovers, the combination of the apricot preserves’ sweetness and the ham’s succulent saltiness goes perfect served with an understated rice pilaf and fresh crispy greens.

5. Ice Cream with Honey-Poached Apricots
Turn plain old vanilla ice cream into a gourmet event with apricots and toasted coconut cooked in honey syrup for an airy yet generous dessert. Just heat water, lemon zest and honey in a saucepan and then add the apricots (pitted and quartered). Then pour it all over the ice cream and add the toasted coconut. Simply delish.


6. Apricot Butter
This oh-so-special butter is going to become your go-to kitchen staple for every brunch or menu plan you create. Why? This creamy and sweet butter not only goes great on a plain piece of multi-grain bread, but melted on some grilled chicken or turkey breast or on practically anything you add butter to.

7. Apricot and Walnut Phyllo Cups
Need the perfect canapé for your Mad Men finale party? These vegetarian friendly cups of Phyllo are both fun and satisfying to the palate. All you’ll need are the dough, some dried apricots, crushed walnuts, orange juice, honey, cardamom, butter, lemon zest, and a muffin pan. Great with Martinis.


8. Quinoa Salad with Apricots, Basil and Pistachios
Need a perfect dish to bring to a potluck or a picnic in the park? Just cook up some vitamin and iron-rich quinoa, add seedless raisins, fragrant fresh basil and finely dice up some dried apricots. Serve as a main dish or as a perfect side with salmon or chicken.

9. Apricot Wheat Germ Muffins
Looking for a high fiber, low calorie breakfast or snack-time treat for your family? These scrumptious, nutty toasted wheat germ muffins with tangy dried apricots and honey burst with a naughty and moist flavor, but without all the guilt.


10. Chicken Tagine with Apricots and Almonds
In the mood for some Moroccan flavors to spice up your bland work week? With a half a cup of dried Turkish apricot fruits, separated into halves, along with a third of cup of whole blanched almonds, and a laundry list of colorful spices ranging from cilantro to turmeric, this apricot glaze over your browned chicken makes life all the sweeter.

Photos 2, 4, 6 & 8 courtesy of Food Network.com

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